10 Application Icons

Knockout is a boxing workout app designed for users of knockout gym. Icon set, logotype, and mobile app interface for Knockout. The blue and red colors represent power. The app first displays a splash screen with the logotype, then goes to a login screen where a user can go back to their membership, see active history, and workout from outside the gym. I used balance, negative space, and type for ease of app use, and to help the user find what they are looking for, motivation for the gym members to keep them active and enjoy their workouts.

Motivational Posters

Three motivational posters were designed to continually remind the viewer never to settle down, keep moving forward, and work on their goal and dreams for success. The dream catcher image was used to represent good dreams. KansasNew font with different weights was used for the three images poster to bring the attention of its distinct is visible. The Chestnut Rose color with a light warm red was used because it evokes a powerful emotion of passion and energy to draw the viewer’s attention.

Pomeranian Puppy Care Guide

Pomeranian Puppies care guide is a 12-page bi-fold brochure that was designed to support the care of the Pomeranian puppies. The brochure shows a vaccination chart guide, facts, feeding, grooming, teeth care and trimming toenails. Blue is used because it is associated with being sleek, elegant, and classic; along with a Baize Green that is associated with being simplistic, modern, futuristic. A negative space was used for a visual resting point. I used Bell MT for the headings on my brochure, and Century Gothic for the paragraphs because it is readable and has an enlarged ‘x’ height.

Shehada Shade family sport logo

The Shehada Shade is a fictional card club in Ohio. The team plays multiple games, such as Hand, Tonj, Trix, Tarneeb, Banakil, Basra, and Kasra. It was created for families to team up for fun and entertainment. I used the font KansasNew and the Californian FB to present my logo as happy, fun, and a comforting spirit. I used black as it has a sense of mystery. Along with a red color that is associated with increased excitement, survival, and tactical thinking, an increased heart rate, and loud, so it keeps players using it more and adds joy to their matches.

E-blast Elegant Fashion

Elegant Fashion email blast gives offers, deals, and announces new products to connect with clients interested in knowing what is going on at their favorite store. I used burgundy color for the brand; it is associated with being simplistic, modern, and elegant. Also, I added an orange-yellow color to give my brand warmth and confidence for my email marketing development. I used Aviano Flare font as its subtly curved forms lend refinement and luxurious elegance to the brand, along with Lato font, which is known as the most unique and exciting that includes some unique curves. The foundation for email was coded in HTML; It is mobile responsive and sent via Mailchimp.

The waves behind the M letter

This project explains the letter M history. I used Verdana font for the body copy and Segoe Script font to show the waves behind the letter M. Egyptians drew a vertical wavy line with five peaks to symbolize water, and in 1800 BC, the Semites reduced the lines to three waves. The pyramids and waves designs describe the letter M shape and water. The zigzags and the structure are horizontal to form the M letter we know today.

Cafeiva social cafe website

Cafeiva is a social cafe that brings the nightlife of a 1970s discotech in a daytime café of today. A place to chillax, socialize, and sip on a warm drink without the booming energy of a nightclub but deeply rooted 70s vibes. A groovy space to hang offers a space for gathering and meeting some new ones, all while grabbing a bite to eat and a tasty beverage. This website was created using Bootstrap 5, HTML 5, and CSS 3. An accessible, SEO, and responsive site based on Cafeiva social café. A comprehensive site is essential for the Café and acts as a public face that anyone in the world can access on their phone, tablet, and laptop. This site is a singular web page that links the navbar to jump to different sections, check out the menu, events going on, and buy merchandise. I used a dark nav bar to reflect colors from the orange creamy for the page. I used blue-green color for the footer as it gives three colors with the background. This represents the three colors of the 70s design for the Cafeiva brand. I chose orange and blue-green colors for the Cafeiva brand because of its history, and both colors were used in the 70s designs. I used Poppins font because it is one of the Geometric sans serif typefaces that have been a popular design tool for building websites. Each letterform is nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to stroke joints were necessary to maintain an even typographic color. Lato font was used because it was initially designed for corporate use and was created to look neutral in body copy but had some unique traits at larger sizes.

Cafeiva social cafe packaging

Cafeiva Café merchandise packaging of a coffee mug, earbuds, and a mirror ball presented for Cafeiva social café merchandise. A texture feels along with the digital design packaging. I used orange and blue-green colors to have the feel of the 70s for the Cafeiva brand background. The pattern orange and blue design present the 70s plan behind the Cafeiva café story. I used Fot-UDMarugo and Roboto fonts because it is developed alongside the digital revolution in print publishing, providing innovative typefaces to support the move to digital production, and it is adaptable to changing environments, continues to add value to people’s everyday lives. The coffee mug packaging is a wrap featuring a Cafeiva design, the earbuds feature a cutout that displays the look of Cafeiva’s unique made design, and the mirror ball hangs on a hook with a coffee cup packaging design.